Best Chicken & Potato Recipes

When it comes to weeknight dinners, is there anything more perfect than a dish combining chicken and potatoes? Chicken breasts, thighs (our favorite cut), or even a whole bird all go perfectly with creamy, dreamy spuds. And don’t even get us started on how great they pair with sweet potatoes! Whichever potato you go with, you can’t go wrong with any of these 28 chicken and potato recipes—they’ll have you feeling like a (chicken) winner come dinnertime.

Which recipes you gravitate toward here will really depend on what you want to be the focal point of your meal. If you want the chicken to be front and center, try our maple-mustard chicken legs, our apple cider-glazed chicken, our garlic butter baked chicken thighs, or our maple sriracha chicken. They’re particularly great for meals where it’s important everyone gets their own equal portion of protein (family meals, meal prepping, etc.).

Want the potatoes and chicken to be on more even footing in your dish? Try our Japanese curry, our West African chicken & peanut stew, our chicken & wild rice soup, or our harvest chicken casserole. These recipes pair chicken and potatoes with a myriad of other ingredients and flavors, to great effect.

Here for the potatoes and want them to be the star of the show? You’ve got to try one of our potato salad or gnocchi recipes. Our Greek chicken potato salad or our Buffalo chicken potato salad are welcome twists on the classic that will be lauded at any BBQ table during the summer. During the colder months, our gnocchi and chicken recipes will be the true saviors of your weeknight dinner rotation. Try our one-pan lemon Parm chicken gnocchi, our slow cooker creamy gnocchi soup, or our one-pan creamy chicken and gnocchi. Use store-bought potato gnocchi on busy nights, or try your hand at making your own (it’s surprisingly easy!).

Craving even more chicken dinner inspo? Check out our favorite chicken casserole recipes, our top chicken and rice recipes, and our favorite chicken soups too.

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