These banana bread muffins are moist, fluffy and perfectly sweet. Is there anything better than banana bread in muffin form?!

Banana bread muffins on a table.

Perfect Banana Bread Muffins

Banana bread in muffin form! What’s not to love?! These banana bread muffins are everything you love about banana bread (moist, fluffy texture, and perfectly sweet flavor!), but made into delicious muffins.

Why you’ll love ’em!

Super Fluffy: these delicious fluffy muffins are truly moist banana bread in muffin form!

Kid-Friendly: The kids are going to absolutely gobble these muffins up! They make for a great healthy breakfast idea or even mid-day snack.

Freezer-Friendly: One of the best things about these muffins is that they freeze well. So, if you need to stock up on snacks or breakfasts, these need to be your go-to!

Batter for banana bread muffins in a bowl.

Ingredients for Banana Bread Muffins

Dry Ingredients

  • All-purpose flour: Feel free to use white whole wheat flour if you want to, that
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Make these crispy air fryer potatoes for perfectly crispy and seasoned skin and tender, fluffy potato on the inside!

Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes

These crispy air fryer potatoes are the perfect side dish for any meal! They’re perfectly seasoned and air fried to crispy perfection in 10 minutes. We love these taters served alongside sous vide steak and sautéed green beans. Delish!

Why you’ll love ’em!

Perfectly seasoned: you’ll love the simple combination of spices for these air fryer potatoes.

Cooked in 10 minutes: that’s right! All you need is 10 minutes to air fry these to crispy perfection.

Versatile: these crispy potatoes can be served alongside basically anything! Plus, they won’t take up space in the oven since they’re made 100% in the air fryer ?

Ingredients for Air Fryer Potatoes

These air fryer potatoes are so simple and only require a few ingredients. Here is what you need:

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Make perfect eggs every time with this over hard eggs recipe. Step-by-step, easy fool proof instructions to make the best over hard eggs ever.

Over hard eggs on a plate.

Perfectly Cooked Over Hard Eggs

Is there anything better than eggs cooked exactly the way you like them for breakfast?! Not everyone likes a runny yolk, and that’s okay! That’s why we’re walking you through how to make perfectly cooked over hard eggs every time.

Why you’ll love it!

Our step-by-step instructions mean you’ll have perfectly cooked over hard eggs every single time.

We’re talking fully cooked yolks without burning the edges of the egg whites ?

We’re sharing perfect recipe pairings to round out your delicious breakfast.

Eggs in a carton.

Ingredients You Need

You only need 2 simple ingredients to make the best over hard eggs! Head into the kitchen, and round up:

  • Large eggs: any size eggs will do, but be mindful that smaller eggs will
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This over easy eggs recipe uses a simple technique that creates the perfect runny yolk and fluffy egg whites every time.

Serve over easy eggs with toast and bacon, or put it in a sandwich, salad, or pasta for a delicious and nutritious meal!

Over easy eggs on a plate with a fork.

The Perfect Over-Easy Eggs 

There are many ways you can whip up eggs in the morning, but over-easy eggs are one of our favorites! They have an irresistible oozy yolk perfect for enhancing many delectable dishes from breakfast to lunch and dinner! 

If you’ve never made an over-easy egg, don’t fret. This is an easy technique that anyone can get on the first go! Just follow this recipe as your #1 guide to making the most eggcellent eggs every time.

Why you’ll love it!

There are so many ways to serve these over easy eggs. You’ll never run out of new things to try!

Like most

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A microwave baked potato is a great side dish for any meal. It only takes a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and an 8-minute cook time and your side dish is ready.

Baked potato topped with sour cream.

Microwave Baked Potato

There is no question that potatoes may be the most beloved vegetable in all of the land. These microwave baked potatoes are just as tasty as baked potatoes in foil or crock pot baked potatoes, just done in less time.

Why make potatoes in the microwave

Reasons why you’ll love it.

These baked potatoes are ready in 8 minutes.

You can rub these baked potatoes with any dry rub you would like.

It’s an easy way to prepare baked potatoes for other recipes.

A great way to prep food for the family.

Potatoes on a counter top.

Featured Ingredients

  • Potatoes- russet potatoes or Idaho potatoes are usually used for baked potatoes. Be sure to leave the skin on.
  • Olive
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