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Crispy breaded chicken, angel hair pasta, and an amazing lemon garlic butter sauce combine to make this knockout chicken scampi. It’s light, flavorful, and ready in less than 30 minutes!

If you’re a fan of classic shrimp scampi, you’re going to LOVE this chicken version! It has allll that garlic butter goodness you crave! If you’re looking for more quick and easy dinners that are packed with lemon garlic flavour, you’ve got to try this salmon piccata and chicken piccata as well.

Top-down view of breaded chicken, angel hair pasta, and chopped veggies in a white skillet, garnished with lemon.

Easy Skillet Chicken Scampi Recipe

Chicken scampi, also known as chicken escalopes or chicken cutlets, are thin pieces of meat that are breaded and pan-fried. They are typically served with a garlic butter sauce. (The luscious sauce is what makes chicken scampi so amazing!!) Scampi is most commonly

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Best Chicken Noodle Casserole Recipe

the pioneer woman's chicken noodle casserole recipe

Caitlin Bensel

This chicken noodle casserole checks each of the three C’s for casserole superstardom: classic, creamy, and oh so comforting. Wide egg noodles, cream of chicken soup, and a crushed butter cracker topping will take grown-ups right back to their childhood and make everyone at the table smile. Use a rotisserie chicken or leftover cooked chicken to save time. No need to cook any veggies beforehand—they’ll soften up beautifully as the casserole bakes.

Does chicken noodle casserole freeze well?

Yes! Since the chicken is already cooked when it goes into the casserole and there’s plenty of creamy sauce, chicken noodle casserole is perfect for freezing. Freeze without the cracker topping before baking, thaw completely, then add a few minutes to the bake time to heat through.

What is cream of chicken soup?

Cream of chicken soup was actually invented by Campbell’s back in the 1940s. Milk, cream, and flour

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5 Comforting Noodle Soup Recipes You Must Try

Think of something light and comforting – a bowl of soup will instantly strike your mind. Just throw in a few ingredients, add the seasonings and let it simmer – your humble bowl of soup is ready. From tomato soup to chicken soup, vegetable soup and even clear soup, there are various ways in which you can prepare a soup. No matter which soup recipe you try, it is sure to provide you comfort, warmth and indulgence. Adding to the list of these delectable soup recipes, we bring you a few noodle soup recipes that are just what you need to make for a lazy dinner or lunch meal. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make them. Read below for the recipes.

Chicken Noodle Soup, Thai Noodle Soup And More: 5 Noodle Soup Recipes You Must Try:

1. Lao Chicken Noodle Soup – Our Recommendation

Let’s start the list

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Chicken and Coconut Rice With Nuoc Cham Tomatoes Recipe

Rich, coconutty, schmaltzy, bright, funky, and tangy, this skillet chicken dinner tantalizes the taste buds on every level. Skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs are seasoned simply with salt and lots of pepper, then cooked skin side down in a skillet until the fat renders and you’re left with perfectly crisp skin. You’ll sizzle garlic and a mountain of shallots in the leftover rich schmaltz, which will flavor the sunny yellow coconut cream and turmeric rice that cooks in the pan with the chicken thighs as the meat finishes roasting.

Since the rice cooks in the oven uncovered (gotta preserve that crispy chicken skin!), soaking it for 30 minutes before cooking is key. The soak helps the rice absorb water, kick-starting the cooking process and helping it to stay tender, not dried out and sad.

While the chicken and rice are delicious on their own, they’re really a vehicle for the season’s

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Crunchy-As-Heck Italian Chicken Breast Recipe Cooks in 5 Minutes | Poultry

This chicken dinner was a huge success! Thin-cut chicken breasts cook extremely fast, so this easy Italian chicken recipe was on the table in 10 minutes. No jokes! The chicken was super crunchy and packed with flavour. So crunchy, in fact, that my husband and I turned up the TV so we couldn’t hear each other chew. Now that’s good chicken!

Serve this crunchy chicken breast recipe with a vegetable and a salad. I served mine with leftover fat-burning Mediterranean salad and air-fryer carrots.

Cuisine: American / Italian

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Servings: various


Here’s how to make it:

  1. Season one side of the chicken with salt and pepper. Liberally season the chicken with the dried Italian seasoning, garlic powder and parsley flakes. Drizzle with olive oil. Flip the chicken over
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