The following is a guide to help you make the right blend.

Protein is indeed a main dish in Western cuisine, but sauce is what makes it special. Both for meat, poultry and fish, there are so many alloys that have been made from the 5 Basic Sauces, and many more continue to be created today.

However, you can’t break the rules if you don’t know how. There are some basic guidelines for combining protein with sauce. In some cases, this depends on the preparation of the meat, as well as the part of the meat you are going to cook. The following is a general guide on how to combine the two.

Red meat

Perfectly cooked by cooking it in a frying pan using butter and after that it is given pepper, stroganoff sauce or red wine.

In general, red meat works well with flavorful black sauce. For example, beef filet can be cooked perfectly by cooking it in a frying pan using butter and then given pepper, stroganoff sauce or red wine. Meat setups usually use demiglace sauce or chocolate sauce; for example, in bourguignon meat. However, some grilled meats, such as tenderloin, also come with BĂ©arnaise or other hollandaise-based sauces as well.

Chicken meat

Chicken meat is very versatile and is suitable for any sauce, from barbecue sauce to spice sauce. But the most classic blend is with a mild cream sauce, like mushroom sauce.


Ceviche, which is common in Latin America, consists of raw fish chunks that have been ‘cooked’ using citrus juice.

Most fishes are best cooked with butter and spice sauce. Lemon juice also helps in cooking fish with acid levels and gives it a sharp taste. Our chefs recommend grilled salmon with hollandaise sauce, or boiled white fish with butter sauce.

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