Hummingbird FoodHummingbirds are great to have in your garden, and while one of the best ways to draw them is at all times going to be colorful vegetation which produce plenty of nectar, hummingbird feeders may also help entice the birds even if you’re within the heart of a city. Many hummingbird species prefer more than one habitat, and you might even see them in alpine meadows, riparian forests, deserts and coastal areas. Some species will migrate like many different birds do, wintering in warmer areas and heading to temperate areas for summer and their breeding season. Some of the species do journey farther north – the Rufous Hummingbird has been known to breed as far north as Alaska.

Your feeder will want yet another thing: an ant guard, which hangs from your feeder and makes use of chook-secure Permethrin to repel the pesky bugs away from your tasty nectar. Again, … Read more

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