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Banana Bread RecipeQuinoa is a wealthy supply of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. I love adding new elements to my zucchini bread recipe. Typically I simply add a teaspoon of vanilla however more ceaselessly I like to use both a teaspoon of Kahlua, bourbon, or brandy. I’ve additionally included a half cup of applesauce or even some yogurt. After I add applesauce, I minimize down on the quantity of oil used. It is simple to mix two fruits or greens to make up a brand new taste. Just use a cup of every.

Microwave them (that is the quickest possibility). Poke the banana all over with a fork, then place on a paper towel and zap for 30 seconds at a time until your banana reaches the desired tenderness. I might not do multiple bananas at a time, because the heating can be inconsistent. Right here is a simple way to make use of up the bananas on the countertop, or brown ones thrown behind the freezer. Do not overmix the ingredients, and ensure the bananas are very ripe.

One slice, or about 60 g, of banana bread with out walnuts comprises 196 energy, which come primarily from fats and carbohydrates. Banana bread incorporates only 2.6 g of protein, which give only 10 of the 196 calories. The advisable amount, also known as dietary reference consumption or DRI, for protein per day is 46 g for women and fifty six g for men. One slice of banana bread supplies less than 10 p.c of this quantity. Nonetheless, consuming one slice of banana bread with two scrambled eggs for breakfast would make a meal with shut to 15 g of protein, which would supply over 25 % of the DRI.

You too can spice this up by adding a cup of raisins or walnuts to the recipe. coconut is also an excellent addition, chocolate chips are always a winner. Usually 1 Cup is a good measurement to begin with regarding the extras and then work in response to style from there. Banana bread is something that blends effectively with a number of different things.

This recipe gives a pleasant sized loaf, or about 8 mini loaves. It is a moist, wealthy tasting recipe and the completed product will be safely frozen for lengthy periods. I bake the full sized loaf for house or typically I’ve even made a layer cake utilizing this recipe and the appropriate cake pans. After I do this I combine in chocolate chips and apply icing to the top, sides and center simply as if it were a layer cake. As a cake, it is kinda thick but rich and delicious.

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